New York, New York.

I often have a hard time believing that I have had the chance to go to New York City. It has now been just a little over a year since I got back. I remember how much that visit shaped my view of photography and how I looked at my surroundings when I got back home to Nova Scotia. Every now and then I will go back through my archives of photos trying to see if I can dig up something to "Revive". Today however, I was prompted not by my own interest, but that of my close friend Simon Carriere. He asked if I had any video of my time there, so I promptly went looking. What I ended up lacking in video content, I more than made up for in photos. 

I figure I have never really shared photos from that trip, at least not in any large amount. So after going through those archives again today, I found a bunch of hidden gems if you will, and I decided I would share them here. Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as I have this time around.