Made some new Friends.

I find myself here again. Sifting through the 10's of thousands of photos I have taken these past few years. I've looked at them again, no different the many times before. Yet somehow each time I reach back I find myself resonating with vastly different images. Somedays I am feeling nostalgic and seek out memories. Others I am just looking to re-edit photos that I previously took the time to appreciate. I guess today fits somewhere in the middle.

Every time I go back I have to re-import all the older files back into Lightroom. I know how much of a hassle this can be, yet every time I have done this I find an excuse to not re-import them all. I know future me will appreciate it, yet I never do. That is until today. Today I found myself with an abundant amount of time on my hands, so my excuses were running thin. 

Now, I don't want to go on very long here. Just long enough to set the tone for these photos. 

It was early October 2016, fall was in full effect, and my now two internet turned IRL friends Eric & Terrill planned on coming to Nova Scotia for the weekend. The two of them are originally from New Brunswick, neither of which spent any large amount time photographing Nova Scotia. At this point, I had spent the 8/9 months prior exploring Nova Scotia in search of all things cool to photograph. I felt confident I'd be a good host. The catch was, this would be the first time we would be meeting in person. We chatted on Instagram back and forth a bunch, but it wasn't until this weekend that our schedules matched.

Now before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to mention I had to take a second from writing this piece to confirm with the guys if this was, in fact, our first meeting. I still find it crazy how many close friends I have met this way. Not to get off track, but this is something I love about how I currently live my life. Almost all of my closest friends now are people I have met through the internet. Lots of photography friends are through Instagram, My girlfriend & I like to joke we're a Tinder success story, and the Groom whose wedding I am standing in this summer I met from renting a room on Kijiji. It's funny how the world works. 

Back to what I was saying. 

The guys camped on my living room floor the Friday night. We got up early the next morning, caught sunrise near Peggy's Cove before we set off to the south shore. We spent time swimming in Lunenburg and eventually made our way as far as Bridgewater. We gathered some supplies and then proceeded to drive through the night. We end up somewhere near the Valley, nestled up on the beach with a fire going. Once our tents were all set up we enjoyed a few drinks, some classic campfire food, and planned on getting up early once again. The next day, we just ventured around the Valley. We really didn't have an agenda. Just to capture some cool photos. Eventually, we met up with a few other people who decided to merge their plans with ours and our little convoy got a tad bit bigger. 

As you're going to see in the photos below, we had this fixation with smoke bombs. It seemed like every other photo on this trip was littered with them. I think it was just that time, it was trendy and it made for interesting photos. I just find it funny to see how many shots were hinged on having a smoke bomb blasting off in it.

Before I forget, Carter was with us. 

Make sure to check out Eric and Terrill!

Anyway, Enjoy.