Wildfire x Bernie

Recently I have noticed an increase in my workload (Definitely never going to complain about that). Out of the blue I was contacted by Wildfire, a local Dj here in Halifax, to do a photo shoot to help update his image. We talked for a couple days and discussed some details over coffee about what he was going for. We went over some of his favourite Instagram accounts and some of his favourite shots that I have taken. So once we were clear on the image we were going for we set a date for the shoot. 

The day of the shoot was perfect shoot conditions in my eyes, but were against the clock because that evening we were expecting 20-30 cm of snow. We went to some of my favourite spots in Halifax. We spent roughly 5/6 hours shooting in total and got a lot of shots that both of us were extremely excited about. So below is my favourite shots from our time spent together.

If you are interested in checking Wildfire out, here is all of his social media.