Le Massif, Quebec, Canada

During the start of January I had became very involved with making videos for myself. Slightly after the New Year, I gathered half dozen of my closest friends and we went to Emera Oval in Downtown Halifax. Here I spent the better part of 2 hours filming our evening at the skating rink. During the filming I met a young man named Avery Birch. We got to talking about some projects and setup a coffee date. During the coffee date, a few days later, we discussed upcoming projects we were both working on, and also shared some of our previous work. Around the 20th of January Avery contacted me and asked if I would be interested in coming along to Le Massif, a ski resort just an hour outside of Quebec City. He had requested that I do a recap video of the entire trip and take some photos along the way. So below is the result, some of my favourite photos from that weekend.


Just a quick thank you to Avery Birch and everyone involved with Halifax Ski and Snowboard Club

Also you can check my Youtube Channel to view the video I did for them, along with a few others as well!