The Vision

Since day one, Bernie has strived to be unique. Hailing from the East Coast of Canada it could of been easy to follow in the footsteps of many other photographers before him. Understanding the importance of individuality Bernie has carved his own niche look here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Do you set trends, or do you just follow?


Jack of all Trades

Starting with events, Bernie has branched out to other facets of photography. With a keen interest in candid and in the moment shots, Bernie's portfolio now boasts Wedding, Engagement, Portraits, Product and Fashion:

Bernie is confident to bring a breath of fresh air to every project.


THe Name

Chillin With Bernie was born from idea of being unique. As mentioned before, this has always been, and always will be, a point of pride for Bernie. The name is meant to instill a sense of community, a sense of equality,  and that when one is "Chillin" with Bernie, they are in fact relaxed and in the moment, enjoying every minute.

When will you find yourself "Chillin" With Bernie ?